Should I order more wood than the area to be covered for a floor?

It’s a great question, and the answer is yes!

When you’re considering ordering wood for your floor, it’s essential to factor in one important consideration: it’s better to order more wood than the exact area you plan to cover. In general, it is recommended to order 5 to 10% more wood than the calculated quantity needed to cover the intended area.

It’s crucial to avoid ordering based solely on theoretical plans or measurements. Instead, it’s highly advised to make an on-site estimation, ideally done by a qualified professional. This approach ensures that you have enough wood to account for inevitable losses that occur during cutting and selecting the boards. This safety margin is a common standard throughout the flooring industry.

Furthermore, it’s wise to order one or two extra boxes of wood to keep on hand for minor repairs. These repairs are often necessary before selling a residence or for future adjustments. By having extra wood readily available, you save time and money on future repair work because you have the necessary materials without having to reorder them.

Your flooring representative can advise you on the exact percentage of extra wood you should order based on the type of product you’ve chosen. It’s essential to consider this extra margin as an investment in the quality of your flooring project, as it will save you from future hassles and additional costs. Do not underestimate the importance of having a surplus of wood in your flooring order.