When purchasing a wood floor, finishing must not be chosen haphazardly or only based on aesthetics; certain factors must be considered. Your lifestyle will guide you in choosing what is best for you.

By choosing an oil finish, you could easily and at a low cost repair or revive its nearly new luster. You could also rapidly make specific corrections as needed.

You won’t need to replace one or several boards because of a small scratch or need to call upon a floor installer.

Your oiled floors must be regularly maintained, using a specific cleaning product to avoid damaging the surface.


  • easy repair
  • longevity
  • natural matte look

On the other hand, pre-varnished flooring offers you a multitude of possibilities. You will have the latitude of choosing the level of luster that suits you best. Our ultra matte luster (5%) allows you to imitate the look of oiled flooring. Moreover, you can choose among an infinite number of colors and tones to obtain a unique result.

You will have peace of mind by choosing our easy-care UV ultra-resistant varnish.


  • resistant
  • endless choice of colors
  • possibility of choosing your luster
  • easy to maintain