Maintenance guide for varnish flooring

Satisfaction for Years to Come

Thank you for choosing the best pre­varnished floor on the market! Solū includes this maintenance guide which contains useful advice pertaining to the upkeep of your floor and the preservation of its beauty for years to come. Please respect these instructions as they are a determining factor in the application of your warranty.

The Right Maintenance Product

At Solū, we recommend the use of our line of products which are specially designed to clean and protect your pre­varnished floor.

First Step

Start by using the vacuum cleaner regularly. It is the most efficient way to remove dust and abrasives from the surface. In the absence of a vacuum cleaner, sweep the floor carefully with a broom duster.

Second Step

Spray a small amount of our cleaner on the microfibre surface of your mop and clean one section of the floor at a time, using a back and forth motion in the direction of the length of the floorboards. Repeat the operation on the other sections of the floor. Wash the microfiber mop cover when necessary. For best results, clean the surface of your hardwood floor at least once a month.