Installation Guide for Exterior Coatings


The select wood you have just received is made up of color variations and pronounced wood grains that will make your building unique. It is important to divide the planks so as to accentuate the aesthetics of these color differences.

Moreover, over time, contact with various natural elements such as the sun and the rain will change the appearance of your wood covering. It will tend to fade about 20% or more. In order to protect your product, you will have to reapply a protective layer depending on the exposure or your tolerance to the color change.


Planks must never be in direct contact with the ground. A polyethylene fabric should be placed under the stack of the coating. The latter must remain on the pallet of wood received with the product or be placed on 3 blocks of wood of good size to keep the wood off the ground and also distribute the load.

The boards must also be protected from the weather. Use a tarpaulin for protection. If possible, store the liner indoors.