Engineered flooring installation guide

Product specifications

Laminated flooring can be installed on the floor, the ground floor or basement.

It is also possible to install most types of wood on top of a subfloor with a radiant heating system with the exception of Brazilian Cherry [Jatoba / Koubari] and Cumaru Their composition allows them to stick to a wood subfloor or concrete, or the stapled to a plywood with a stapler for hardwood floors. Adjust for engineering. Use appropriate products to seal the slab (Bostik or other product).

Responsibility of the installer and owner

Before installation, the installer and the owner must ensure that the environment work and subfloor meet or exceed the minimum specified in this installation guide.

The industry provides a margin of error of 5% for natural imperfections and manufacturing defects. Before installation, the installer and the owner must make final inspection of the grade, color, quality manufacturing and finishing wooden slats to ensure that the floor is to be installed in accordance with the product purchased.

Every blade installed floor will be considered accepted by the installer and owner, the latter is present or not at the time of installation. At the time of control the amount necessary to hardwood flooring, it should add a surplus to offset losses from cuts 2 1⁄4”, 3 1⁄4”, provide 5% more to 4 1⁄4”, 6% for 8% and 5”by 6”to 8”provide 10% more.