3D walls installation guide

3D wall Technical sheet

The interior wall wood cladding is made of solid wood strips of various sizes. The product may be used for both wall and ceiling installation, adding elegace to your room design. The wood slats installation is simple and easy, gluing and nailing according to the pattern provided. No mortar or grout is needed. The recommended low VOC varnish protects from UV rays and antistatic.

Sustainability attributes

  • The majority of the wood used is sourced from FSC certified forests;
  • Formaldehyde-free particle board available upon request;
  • Wood is a renewable material that captures carbon, requiring low energy use for its product manufacturing;
  • Wood proccurement is done as and when wood stair components are ordered, reducing storage needs and waste.
  • The majority of the manufacturing plant wood waste is recycled as biomass wood heating products and/or animal bedding;
  • Low VOC adhesives and finishes.