An Authentic and Warm Product: Barn Wood

For the past few months, Planchers SOLŪ has been offering its customers a unique barn wood product. This one-of-a-kind product is used for a variety of decorative projects, ranging from accent walls to kitchen cabinet doors and bathroom mirrors.

What sets it apart from other materials is its warm and authentic look.

The wood used comes from the dismantling and recovery of barns that were constructed, sometimes over 150 years ago. These century-old buildings, which have been part of Canadian heritage, have served various agricultural purposes over the years and have been passed down from generation to generation. They are now used less frequently as industrialization has led landowners to build structures more suited to modern agricultural technologies.

Having stood the test of time, these barns have a soul. The wood they were built with is unlike any other material on the market. The Quebec weather and climate have given this real wood a unique weathering that cannot be replicated. The sun, rain, wind, and snow have all contributed to shaping this product in its uniqueness. Many companies have tried to replicate this time-worn patina, but in vain. You can see photos of projects using barn wood in the interior cladding section of our website.

It’s interesting for these authentic barns to be repurposed and reclaimed in new projects. Planchers SOLŪ offers its customers the opportunity to obtain cleaned, milled, termite-treated barn wood products that are ready for resale.